5 Benefits to LASIK eye surgery

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Having LASIK eye surgery can be a life changing experience. I can honestly say that my experience completely changed my life and took out a major hassle in my life. I personally got the benefit of seeing better but also the hassle issue was totally removed. I no longer needed to worry about ordering contacts or trying to find a reasonably priced pair of glasses that looked good. I no longer need to take time to put my contacts in to play basketball. Life was just easier. 

1. Lifestyle change after LASIK - The ability to do sports with glasses and contacts was personally huge for me. 

2. Appearance - I looked kind of geeky with glasses. I was not confident with my appearance at all and having LASIK enabled me to improve that part of my life 

3. Reduced doctor visits - I no longer need to have regular eye exams to get a higher prescription. Less visits to the eye doctors mean one less doctors appointments. I have a hard enough time thinking about going to the dentist. 

4. Strong Distance Vision - After my surgery I was 20/15. I could see extreme details in the trees and was able to read road signs at a long distance. 

5. No more glasses and contacts - This was a really big deal for me that I would no longer need glasses and contacts. I can wake up in the morning and see the alarm clock. LASIK is just a better way to live life. 

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