Custom Lasik

Custom LASIK - Wavefront Technology

customvue lasik laser johnson city tnWhen people speak of custom LASIK they are referring to wavefront technology. This recent technology has reduced aberrations after LASIK and simply made vision more clear for LASIK surgery patients. Originally invented by NASA for use in high-powered precision telescopes, Wavefront technology has been used in LASIK vision correction since 2005. CustomVue laser vision correction is an exciting, new procedure that incorporates WaveScan wavefront technology and the patented, FDA-approved VISX laser to create a highly effective, personalized treatment plan for patients.

wavescan wavefront systemUsing a device called an aberrometer (scanning diagnostic instrument which uses wavefront technology to measure the wavefront errors) the doctor is able to measure the way light travels through your entire optical pathway and compare it to the way light travels through an optically perfect eye. This creates a WavePrint™, a 3-D map of your cornea that is as unique to you as your fingerprint and 25 times more precise than a prescription obtained using conventional diagnostic equipment. The information from this customized "fingerprint" is transferred electronically to the laser, enabling your eye surgeon to adjust the laser to your unique visual requirements.

Without custom LASIK, doctors must rely on one-size-fits-all, traditional laser vision correction, which achieves great results but is not nearly as precise as CustomVue. In fact, our practice can achieve custom LASIK results that are up to 25 times more accurate than traditional

Wavefront Technology Benefits

  • Improved overall quality of vision
  • Improved night vision
  • Uses the smallest and fastest laser beam for precision and overall improved health of the cornea.
  • CustomVue is 25 times more accurate than the traditional method of measurement