Am I a LASIK Candidate?

Happy man in the woods looking at a mapPeople who want to minimize their dependence on glasses or contact lenses make good candidates for LASIK. Lifestyle, hobbies, and amount of correction needed are all factors that may determine whether you are a good candidate. The ideal candidate for LASIK is over 18 years of age, not pregnant, and free of any eye disease. You should experience stable vision for at least one year before having LASIK.

During your initial free LASIK screening, we will thoroughly examine your eyes and perform comprehensive testing to make sure that LASIK eye surgery is the right procedure for you. A medical and eye history will be taken and several tests will be performed, including:

  • Dry eye testing
  • Visual acuity and refractive error
  • Screening Visual Field
  • Pupil size in low & medium light
  • Ocular pressure
  • General health of the eyes
  • Corneal topography & Corneal thickness

What Will My Vision Be Like After LASIK?

It is important that anyone considering LASIK have realistic expectations. LASIK allows people to perform most of their everyday tasks without corrective lenses. However, people looking for perfect vision without glasses or contacts run the risk of being disappointed.

The majority of patients achieve 20/20 and almost all achieve 20/40 vision without glasses or contact lenses. As time goes on after your LASIK, if your prescription changes Dr. Reeves may perform an enhancement to correct this change and restore your vision.

LASIK cannot correct presbyopia, the age-related loss of close-up focusing power. With or without refractive surgery, almost everyone who has excellent distance vision will need reading glasses by the time they get to be 40 or 50 years old. Some people choose to be corrected by monovision, which leaves one eye slightly nearsighted. The nearsighted eye is used for close work, while the other eye is adjusted for distance vision. No matter what others tell you, there is no laser procedure that can correct both distance vision and near vision in the same eye.

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