iLASIK LogoIf you were not a candidate for LASIK eye surgery prior to iLASIK you could possibly now be a candidate. Given the wavefront technology and bladeless mircokeratome technology additions to LASIK, the doors are now open for some previously unqualified candidates. If you were previously determined to be a LASIK candidate you will most likely also be a candidate for iLASIK. In order to determine candidacy for this procedure please consult with the qualified iLASIK surgeons of Reeves Eye Institute. Our Johnson City LASIK surgeons will be happy to provide a very thorough eye health examination before determining your candidacy. There are some conditions that will still exclude certain patients from becoming a candidate, however, if you have nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism there is a solid chance that you will be an iLASIK candidate.

New Information Regarding LASIK safety (AAO 2006)
There has been some new information that was reported at the AAO meeting 2006 in Las Vegas (American Academy of Ophthalmology) and at the Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology 2007 meeting that LASIK lasts longer than expected. A study actually involved 200 eyes and determined that with both LASIK eye surgery and PRK both procedures maintained excellent long-term results. If you are interested in the longevity of LASIK eye surgery you can discuss this with your LASIK surgeon.

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Choosing a Quality LASIK surgeon
iLASIK™ surgeons for the safest LASIK
We understand that selecting a LASIK surgeon in Tennessee and getting started with LASIK research can be overwhelming. There are so many LASIK doctors and so many LASIK websites that discuss various aspects of LASIK technology. How is the average person supposed to differentiate between the choices? If you are considering Reeves Eye Institute for your LASIK eye surgery you can rest assured that you have found surgeons with credible experience. Our doctors are top Tennessee LASIK surgeons and have performed many procedures.

Questions to ASK during your LASIK consultation

  1. What is your experience with LASIK eye surgery?
  2. What makes iLASIK great technology?
  3. Does iLASIK or LASIK hurt at all?
  4. Do I have a chance at going blind?
  5. What was your eye surgery education and training
  6. What is PRK?
  7. Do you perform other types of eye surgery?
  8. What do your patients typically tell you after surgery?
  9. Why did you want to become and eye doctor?
  10. What is the LASIK laser eye surgery cost and how does this compare to other Tennessee LASIK surgeons?
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