Patient Testimonials

LASIK Surgery

I strongly recommend seeing Dr. Reeves for LASIK surgery. He and his staff are patient, friendly, and knowledgeable, which helped relieve all my concerns and any hesitancy pre- and post-operation. Any eye surgery comes with its fears, but I felt secure and confident throughout the entire process due to the expertise of Dr. Reeves. Using the most modern technology and equipment, his assessment, diagnosis, and study of my eye led to an accurate LASIK treatment and a happy result. The facility is clean and professional and the staff pays attention to every detail. I used to wear glasses. Now I don’t at all. Dr. Reeves and his team are miracle workers.

David Schools

Reading Vision

My KAMRA Testimonial:
I have been wearing OTC readers since I was 38 years old. So when I heard about this new technology that was available now in the TRI CITIES, I jumped at the opportunity. The testing was very brief and at that time I was informed that I was a candidate for the procedure.
On Dec. 9, 2015, I had the KAMRA Inlay procedure. I am very pleased with my results. Just 2 weeks ago I was in a doctor’s office that had a small bible with the New Testament sitting out for patient’s to take home. I opened that bible and WOW!!! I was able to read the small print without having to struggle to read it. It has been a blessing having this procedure and I Thank Dr. Reeves for bringing this new technology to the TRI CITIES area.

Melanie Hensley

Eyelid Surgery

Dear Dr. Reeves,
I just wanted to Thank You again for fixing my upper eyelids. As I had mentioned before, I had a previous surgery several years ago on my eyelids at a different office. I was not very satisfied with the outcome and I felt very rushed. The experience at Reeves Eye Institute was completely different and I was welcomed with warm smiles and great personalities from the very start. You took your time with me and let me know all of my options. I thank God that my son pointed me in the right direction and referred me to you. I’ve always felt self-concise of my eyebrows being uneven ever since I was diagnosed with Benign Acoustic Neuroma and had surgery on the left part of my head, severing 100% of my hearing in my left ear. They have always been uneven and still weren’t fixed after my first operation. You fixed them and I can never thank you enough for all you have done for me! I will continue to tell other family members and friends about Reeves Eye Institute and I’m excited to see what the future holds for you! God Bless.

Debbie Salley

Eyelid Surgery

Dear Dr. Reeves,
I have just returned from my post-op appointment following eye lid surgery. It feels much like graduation day – the end to the preparation work – ready to begin using what I have been given in improved vision for a richer, fuller, more rewarding life in the future. I know I have benefited greatly as a result of your attention to accuracy and precision in your professional performance skills to provide excellent eye care for people like me.

It appears you have surrounded yourself with a team of support staff who carry out their duties more like one happy family rather than the typical 9-5 worker who is more interested in punching out on the time clock than punching in. The friendly welcome and helpful assistance of staff members was much appreciated at each visit – as was the humor of people like Shawn and David prior to surgery – helping to relieve possible tension or anxiety prior to the procedure itself.

Not only have I learned that I follow some of your satisfied clients of the past; Cathy Peters, Sandra Smith, Tom Peters, I want to do my part in spreading the word for future clients, namely my neighbor, Winnie Schultz, who tells me she has scheduled an appointment to see you in the near future.

Thank you!!!

Richard N. Shackleford

Diabetic Eye Care

I’d just like to say that I appreciate you Dr. Reeves and your staff so very much! We are so thankful to God that Reeves Eye Institute came into our lives!

Let me first say that my husband is diabetic. He was diagnosed with diabetes in 1994. He started having severe problems with his eyes in 2009. We saw several different doctors for his eyes over the years, and his vision just got worse. He lost almost all sight in the right eye, and we were afraid he was going to lose all vision in his left eye as well, and leave him completely blind. His eyes seemed to be on a downward spiral, and we felt hopeless. He had constant bleeding and eye pressure.

Then we were referred to Dr. Reeves…Dr. Reeves has saved his sight, and given us hope for the future! He and his staff have always treated us with respect, dignity, care, concern, and made us feel like we are safe and in good hands. Dr. Reeves answers our questions, and spends time with us at our appointments and makes sure before we leave that we are fully informed, and this is something that was lacking with our previous doctors. My husbands eye pressure is lower and more stable then it has ever been! The bleeding, and pain associated have also been reduced, and Dr. Reeves has saved his left eye, and he is still able to see! If not for Dr. Reeves we are sure he would be blind by now! My husband is more hopeful for his future then he has been in many years, and it’s all thanks to Dr. Reeves and his supportive staff!

Dr. Reeves and staff, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much! We appreciate you and thank God for you! You have been a miracle to us!

M. & T. Willis

LASIK Surgery

“About 20 years ago, I got my first pair of glasses. As time progressed, my vision worsened and my lenses thickened. I couldn’t see two feet in front of me with out glasses. When I was a teenager, I tried contacts. My first pair were the hard ones that just hurt my eyes. I was told that I would never be able to wear the soft contacts due to my vision. Several years later, I found out that I was able to wear soft contacts. I was so happy to finally be without glasses. I, unfortunately, have a phobia of things touching my eyes so that didn’t work out to well. I wore them as much as I could stand over the next few years but then I just finally didn’t order them. I was just too comfortable in my glasses.

I first heard about Lasik Vision Correction a few years ago. My vision was somewhat the same but it was just too bad to even attempt Lasik. I was told that my vision needed to stabilize for one year. I had a lot of hope because my Aunt had Lasik and she said it was the best thing she has ever invested in. Keep in mind, she had really, really bad vision as well. Over the years that passed, I forgot about the Lasik and just went my own way.

My mom had always said that the one thing she wanted to do for me is to get my eyes fixed. About seven or eight months ago, my mom texted me and said that she and my great-aunt were going to bless me with the money to be able to have Lasik. She told me to find a couple of places to have the consultation to see if I was a candidate. I really didn’t know what to say but I began my search for Lasik Centers around me. I looked at several places but I just didn’t feel very comfortable. Then I saw The Reeves Eye Institute. I looked through the website, read about Dr. Reeves, and I said this is who I want to go to.

I scheduled my consultation with Dr. Reeves. When my mother and I walked into the office for the first time, we were made to feel very welcome. I was taken back to have some tests ran on my eyes. I was very nervous but I was constantly reassured. Mom and I were taken back to an exam room to wait and meet Dr. Reeves. He came in with a huge smile on his face and was actually happy to meet us. I could not have asked for a better first impression. Dr. Reeves is a super friendly, outgoing, and professional guy. He talked to me about my vision and was concerned about my cornea being too thin for the Lasik. He said another option was PRK and that he could do that for me. He was very honest about the procedure. The description of PRK sounded awful, in my mind, and made me nervous. Dr. Reeves assured me that I would be okay. He gave me a reason to Trust him. I decided to schedule the PRK surgery for April 2, 2013.

Its been five months since my PRK and I am so happy with my outcome. I could barely see right in front of me with out my glasses and now I have 20/15 vision in both eyes. I am so thankful for Dr. Reeves and his staff. They have helped me out so much and really have been there for me. Dr. Reeves and his staff are absolutely amazing. They actually care enough to remember patients and greet them with warm smiles. I always enjoy going in for my appointments and I always leave with a smile. He and his staff are the most supportive, understanding, caring, outgoing people that I have ever met. Now I see the world in a whole new light now. I am truly blessed. If you are considering Dr. Reeves, I encourage you to go there. You will not be disappointed.


Cataract Surgery

“I want you to know how very thankful I am to you and to your staff. I would like to share with you that when I was diagnosed in the fall, by Dr. Greg Russell of Kingsport, with cataracts at 56 years old that I was devastated. I thought “how could this be? All I wanted to do here was to update my prescription for contacts and glasses”. I have never been able to see w/o very thick glasses and/or the old time gas perm hard contact lenses. Now, I have cataracts!!! It just seemed unfair. I was terrified. I cried. I complained. I was mad at the world.

I was referred to you, at The Reeves Eye Institute, in Johnson City. I wish that I could say that my feelings changed when I came to see you. They did not. The fear was building inside of me and I was not able to control it. I was afraid to go w/o my contacts for an ‘undetermined’ amount of time. I knew that it was necessary so that you could get the measurements that were needed to implant corrective lenses. I depend on those lenses to function in life. I depended on them for everything/anything!! I needed them!

Dr Reeves, you and your staff were supportive and understanding when I was ‘out of control’. I know that I cried and panicked and I was a horrible patient. I cannot thank all of you enough for putting up with me. You have a thriving business and certainly did not need me as a patient. You and your office continued to help me through my terror.

On Dec 12th, the day prior to my first surgery, I felt frozen in fear and sick to my stomach that ‘something bad might happen’, ‘I might be blinded’. Dec 13th I went to Hawkins County Memorial Hospital. They were wonderful. The staff explained everything as they went through their job of preparing me for the surgery. It helped me to know all of the reasons for whatever they were doing. They were all very professional and understanding and supportive of me. I believe that my actual surgery only lasted 15 minutes or so. Immediately I could see! I could see! Out of my eye! My own eye could see! I have never seen out of ‘my eye’. I had to have thick, awful glasses or hard gas perm contacts.

I cried and cried (again), this time in thanks and appreciation for the gift that I never, ever could have even thought to ask for, the gift of sight. I am thankful to all of you who have been involved in getting me here and for putting up with me along the way. Thank you, Thank you very much.

For 6 weeks I wore one soft contact lens on my bad eye that used to be my good eye! Then you operated on the second eye and implanted another corrective lens. I wear no glasses, except readers, and no contacts. I am so blessed. There is not a way to thank you and all the people involved in my care through these two surgeries for all that you have given to me. You gave me gift of sight, what a wonderful thing to be able to give to another person. I am full of gratitude to you Dr Reeves, for your surgical skills as well as your patience with my distress. Your office staff treated me wonderful even when I did not deserve it. I thank Angie for those accurate measurements that came up with the perfect implant lenses. I thank Dr Russell for his diagnosis, and he and his staff for their care of me pre and post op. My entire life has been changed for the better, thanks to all of you.

The things that thrill me now, I have never seen before at all! I smile more and am reminded daily of all I have to be thankful for.

  • The tips and angles on bird wings overhead that I have never seen.
  • The veins in the dried leaves on the ground that give them texture that I have never seen.
  • The wrinkles in the upholstered furniture in my house that I never knew were there.
  • The stray grey hairs in my dogs face that I’ve never seen.
  • The wrinkles in my own face!!! I had thought I looked better than that!

Sight was never an option for me. I had previously pursued having corrective surgeries done and was never a candidate to get good results. I knew that I would always be totally dependent on glasses and contacts, so getting the ability to see those wrinkles on my face with my own eyes, no glasses, no contact lenses, has proved to be a wonderful blessing. Who would have ever thought that? Not me!

I am forever grateful and so very thankful to you for the beautiful, clear, crisp, and colorful world you have given to me through the wonderful work that you do.”

M. Harris

Eyelid Surgery

“I wish to thank you for my upper eyelid surgery. The surgery was painless, short, and I left the hospital the same day. Two weeks later with stitches removed my eye have completely healed and look amazing! I am extremely happy I came to see you, I was recommended by a friend, and you lived up to my full expectations.

You made my eyelift surgery safe, easy, and totally successful. Thank you for helping me improve my vision.”

B. Moody

Cataract Surgery

“I have been wearing glasses for 35 years, I was referred to Dr. Reeves for cataract surgery. He explained everything to me before surgery and left nothing out. I no longer wear glasses, and would recommend Dr. Reeves with no question.
Thank you, Dr. Reeves. Thank you.”

J. Ford

Cataract Surgery

In December 2011, I was told by an area Optometrist, that I had fast growing cataracts. He told me that these would grow so fast that I “would” be having surgery within one year. In July 2012, I went to see Dr. Reeves, who confirmed the diagnosis from the previous doctor. He took the time to sit, unhurriedly, and discuss all options with us. He gave us all of the information needed to assist us in making this important decision. Dr. Reeves then told us to think it over and decide how we wanted to proceed. I found his advertised “free consultation” to be exactly that.

In December 2012, I went back to Dr. Reeves to plan for my cataract surgery. I had put off the surgery as long as I possibly could. Upon examination, it was determined that without my glasses, I was legally blind, seeing multiple images and especially at night, a single light looked to be a “wreath” of lights. I had gotten so bad, I no longer drove at night. Again, Dr. Reeves took the time to sit, talk, and discuss all options with us, as well as answering all questions directly and honestly. One statement that stood out to us was “I cannot recreate what God gave you, but I will do my best”. His willingness to invest of himself in me, the patient, and my family was both refreshing and rewarding. My first surgery was scheduled very quickly, as I was desperate to regain my eyesight. During this evaluation, Dr. Reeves shared the different options of lenses as well as the pros and cons of each. After much discussion, I made the decision to go with the multi-focal lens. One of the better decisions that I have made in my lifetime. After my first surgery, I went back for my follow-up and was so pleased that I asked if we couldn’t just go right then and do the second. In early January, I went and Dr. Reeves performed my other surgery.  I had quickly gone to 20-30 in my left eye and 20-50 in the right. I had a complication of a scratched cornea, with my right eye and upon contacting Dr. Reeves, was seen after hours without hesitation.

After one and one half months post op. on one eye and three weeks on the other, I now can see 20-20 in both eyes, with no glasses of any kind. My experience with Dr. Reeves has been nothing short of wonderful and his mannerisms and patient care are highly commendable. I would recommend him and his practice to anyone needing or considering any type of eye surgery.

Thank you Dr. Reeves, and may God bless you.

P. Lane

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