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closeup of cataractWhat is an ophthalmologist?
An ophthalmologist is a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment, including surgery, of all eye disorders. Ophthalmologists are qualified by lengthy medical education, training and experience to diagnose, treat and manage all eye and visual systems. Ophthalmologists are licensed by a state regulatory board to practice medicine and surgery.

Can cataracts be prevented?
Unfortunately, there is no known way to keep cataracts from emerging or to stop them from growing once they have developed.

How do you treat cataracts?
The key to treating cataracts before they have already formed is through regular eye exams. Whether or not you have good vision, if you are 65-years-old or older, you should get a complete eye exam every one or two years.

If you already have cataracts, focus on treating blurry vision symptoms. Simply fitting you for glasses or contact lenses can do this. It is common for people with cataracts to frequently change glasses as their cataract continues to grow.

When is cataract surgery necessary?
Cataracts tend to develop slowly, and usually do not need to be surgically removed in the early stages. You may need to have your eyeglass prescription changed, and you may need to use more light for reading. When cataracts affect your abilities to read, drive, or participate in your normal activities, it may be time to consider surgery.

What is cataract surgery?
Cataract surgery is a quick and simple procedure in which the surgeon places a tiny incision at the edge of the cornea, removes the clouded lens of the eye, and then replaces it with a new intraocular lens (IOL). With a standard lens implant, glasses or contacts may still be needed following surgery. However, with new, premium IOL implants, only reading glasses, or sometimes no glasses at all, may be needed after cataract surgery. These premium lenses also help to simultaneously correct vision at near, intermediate and distant ranges.

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