Is LASIK Right for You? Find Out Free

LASIK vision correction changes people’s lives. They become more active, more productive, more confident. But is LASIK vision correction right for you?

It’s easy–and free–to find out.

The Reeves Eye Institute offers free consultations for people considering LASIK vision correction. All you need to do is contact us and schedule an appointment. There’s no obligation. We’ve discovered that this is the best way for people throughout Northeast Tennessee, Southwestern Virginia, and Western North Carolina to determine if LASIK is the right personal choice.

During the consultation, we’ll explain the LASIK procedure in detail, ask questions about your vision and your health, and discuss financing options.

We also listen. And take the time to answer your questions.

LASIK vision correction isn’t the right answer for everyone, but for most people who consider it, it can be a life-changing decision. We believe the best way to make a decision about LASIK is to have all the facts. Our free consultation is the first step. We also encourage patients to research LASIK on their own.

Dr. Donny Reeves has performed hundreds of LASIK procedures. Our technology makes each procedure custom for the individual–in fact, each eye gets a customized procedure because every eye is different. Computer technology provides a detailed “map” of each eye before the procedure, allowing Dr. Reeves to make even the slightest adjustments to provide the best possible outcome.

Want to know more? Schedule your free consultation today. Simply click here to get started, or call us at 423-722-1311. We’ll be delighted to see you and give you everything you need to make your personal LASIK decision.

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